1. What Is Station?
  2. What Is Station For?
  3. What Problems Does Station Solve?
  4. How Does Station Accomplish Its Goals?

What Is Station?

Station is a platform tool. In combination with custom configuration files and a path to content files in markdown, Station provides a platform website that can be used for any number of purposes.

Station is built with Ruby on Rails as its infrastructure incorporated with Webpack. For the experienced Rails developer, it will feel familiar. For a person not acquainted with Rails, it will be unnecessary to learn the nuances of the framework to run or contribute content to a Station powered site.

What Is Station For?

Station is built to provide the following out of the box:

What Problems Does Station Solve?

There are multiple concerns involved in creating a platform site, and all too often, any individual contributor needs to be proficient in many of them to make a contribution in their area of expertise. A technical writer should not need to know Ruby to offer documentation. A graphic designer should not need to know JavaScript to contribute a graphic design for the site. Yet, in many instances, that is the case.

Furthermore, a single business often can have multiple product lines that need multiple documentation or developer portals. It can be difficult to ensure that the style guide and overall look of the business remain consistent over time across different platform sites.

Station comes to solve both of these problems. Through Station people can contribute in their area of expertise without needing to be proficient in other areas. Likewise, through Station distinct product documentation portals under the same business can be built and can retain sustainably the same experience across platforms.

How Does Station Accomplish Its Goals?

Station accomplishes this by:

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