API Versioning

All Nexmo APIs must support versioning.


The version is given in the URI. The format for versioning is HOST/VERSION/API.

The only time we update an API’s version is when a backwards compatibility break is made. Due to this, Nexmo APIs only support major API versions e.g. /v1, /v2

Beta programs may use either a /beta version or use /v0.1, /v0.2 etc if breaking changes need to be communicated to consumers. For /v0.x releases breaking changes can be made between minor versions. Once the product is released, it must be updated to be /v1 and our standard backwards compatibility rules are enforced.


Why did we choose this?


Discussed in #api-standards due to the messaging/workflows release.


  • Aristoula Goulia
  • Aurelien Favre
  • Jamie Chapman
  • Michael Heap


Pre-existing standard