Nexmo API standards

This is a living document containing the Nexmo API standards. We’ll be discussing new standards in #api-standards on Slack, so please join us if you’re interested in contributing.

Open API Spec

We document APIs using Open API 3.0 (formerly known as Swagger). These documents live in the API Specification repo.

General API Guidelines

These are general API guidelines that I haven’t found a home for yet

  • Updating resources will fail if required parameters are not set.
  • Unsent optional parameters will not be overwritten with default values.
  • Response for a POST or GET will be the same resource.
  • All APIs that allow updating a resource will also allow fetching a resource.
  • In each context properties that are always unknown may be omitted. For example: a request to sending an SMS never contains DLR data.
  • Properties that are potentially unknown should be included, but without a value. For example, if the Cloud Communications Platform cannot call the phone number defined in a request from Call API, the return properties will not have a valid call_start and call_end.

Contributing to These Standards

These standards are on GitHub at Vonage employees may submit pull requests to propose changes or improve these standards at any time.

HTTP Codes